With Japanese vessels,

Treat home cooking

Hello, this is threetone.
"I want to make a table where three meals a day (three) and the sounds of pottery echo"
I named it from that thought.

But I cook elaborate dishes for each meal,
A life where you can taste each bite
It's not easy, isn't it?

Therefore, "always the rice is done quickly"
Tableware that you want busy people to use
Selected from all over Japan.

You can increase the deliciousness just by serving the food,
You can arrange it on the dining table and be excited about the shape and texture.
Arrange them in a cupboard and get happy.

By using a dear tool,
Simple dishes made with one frying pan,
It has a "feast" look.

Treat three meals a day as a meal.
Why don't you grow your life from such a small happiness?

Storekeeper Tsuyoshi Matsunaga, Chiaki